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Which Are The Best Pubs & Nightclubs In Undri?

Nightlife is something that almost every millennial craves, and when it comes to a Saturday night, there is always a solution to it; a night club or a pub. This list of NightClubs in Undri and Pubs in Undri, Pune will help you get over with all the party vows. So get decked up and dolled up because your party nights with great food, great music and unlimited dancing times will be sorted from now.

Pune being a youth-friendly city with a combination of student crowd and young earners, it has welcomed many options for a great night out or a night party. Individuals and couples are always on a hunt for locations where they can enjoy great food, great music and dance to their favourite tunes. Whether they go with a bunch of friends or with young cousins or office colleagues or even alone, the nightlife is something that everyone looks forward to enjoying, especially when they want to break free (temporarily) from all the obligations they are presently facing in life.

All you need is a bunch of friends or a company, and that favourite party dress and you are all set to hit a nightclub or a pub in Undri Pune.

Night Clubs In Undri, Pune -

1. Gabriella The Super Club

Located just behind Dorabjee Heritage Mall, Gabriella The Super Club is a favourite and most sought-after party paradise for most party lovers in Undri. Packed with some excellent food menu, amazing in-house DJ and a dance floor to groove to the tunes, Gabriella is indeed a “Super Club” by all means. And that’s not all.

Gabriella The Super Club

You can either head to this place with a bunch of people or you can go with your partner, Gabriella is a place which won’t spoil your night at all.You can either head to this place with a bunch of people or you can go with your partner, Gabriella is a place which won’t spoil your night at all.

Address: Opposite to Dorabjee Paradise, behind Dorabjee Heritage Mall, NIBM Rd, Undri, Pune, Maharashtra 411048

Phone Number: +91 9156030909

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2. BETO’s Bar and Kitchen

If you are a sucker for Bollywood music and unlimited dancing, then BETO’s Bar and Kitchen is the place for you. With an array of great appetisers, swanky dance floor and a crazy DJ playing Bollywood Music, BETO’s is a place which will make all your Bollywood dreams come true in a single fortnight. Don’t forget to check this place out if you live in and around Undri and are a big fan of Bollywood Music.

Address: 2nd Runwal Diamond NIBM Road Opp, Palace Orchard, Kondhwa, Pune, Maharashtra 411048

Phone Number: +91 9604401234

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3. Penthouze

Penthouze is one of the most popular and preferred places for large parties and nightlife for people living in and around Undri. Situated at NIBM Road, Penthouze boasts of some crazy music and an equally delicious food and drinks menu to make all nights happening. Penthouze being large in the area is mostly preferred for bigger parties, like college parties or family parties.

So if you are looking to celebrate a bachelorette or a college freshers’ party or farewell party, Penthouze is where you should be heading.

Address: Dorabjee Paradise, Mohammed Wadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411048

Phone Number: +91 9145211211

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4. The FML Lounge

If you are craving for some good music, you should definitely check out The FML Lounge. It hosts some of the most amazing musical bands and artists, along with DJs that play some really great music that will set your nights on fire. The FML Lounge is well-known for its beautiful ambience, and drinks menu that will serve as the best companies for the music played just for you.

Address: 406/7, R Floor, Clover Hill Plaza, NIBM Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 411048

Phone Number: +91 9607983685

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5. Joker Restobar

If you wish to go on a night out with friends, then Joker Restobar is an ideal place for you. Joker Restobar offers more fun times than the typical party nights. You can engage in a game of pool, snooker or billiards with your friends, or enjoy some ambient night-time music with wine with them. Joker Restobar treats its customers with good vibes, good food and will leave you with a happy mood of a perfectly relaxing yet enjoyable night.

Address: Gate, no.2, NIBM Rd, near Corinthians club, Nyati County, Mohammed Wadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411048

Phone Number: +91 7774041114

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Pubs In Undri, Pune

Pubs in Pune are increasingly gaining popularity because of the increasing social and cultural lifestyle of people. So if you want to get rid of your weekday worries and ranting of your bosses, head to any of these pubs to feel alive and awesome:

1. Jovos Gastro Pub

Jovos is that friendly pub where you can literally throw away all your office shenanigans and celebrate weekends like never before. From exotic food to crazy cocktails to soothing live music to adventurous and exciting games, you’ll find everything in Jovos to make your weekend nights better and worry-free.

Not just that, if you are looking to celebrate birthdays or kitty parties or any get-togethers, Jovos is a place which won’t disappoint you in any way.

Address: 3rd & 4th Floor, NIBM Ext Rd, Budrani Boulevard, Undri, Pune, Maharashtra 411060

Phone Number: +91 9665503336

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2. The Village

Nowadays, the definition of pubs across the cities is changing and evolving. Owners are innovating the idea of a pub and bringing some more liveliness and good mood to their ambience of a pub. The Village is one classic example of one such pub in Undri Pune. This place has been recommended by customers to relax and chill while there’s ambient soft background music playing to calm you down.

The place has been recently innovated with good seating arrangements and ambience. You can also enjoy a good session of a hookah with different flavours.

Address: Bramha Majestic, C3, NIBM Undri Road, NIBM, Pune, Maharashtra 411048

Phone Number: +91 020-26805442

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3. Levit8

If rooftop parties are a thing for you, then Levit8 is a place for you. It is the best place to chill and hang out with friends while listening to some really ambient music and binging on some delicious and exotic food and drinks. And to complete the night, the fresh breeze and city lights at the rooftop will leave you mesmerised and relaxed.

Address: Clover Hill Plaza, NIBM Rd, Kondhwa, Pune, Maharashtra 411048

Phone Number: +91 9150012777

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At The Bottom

Nightlife in Pune is about everything, but the primary intention being, to enjoy a beautiful night with dear ones or alone. Over the years, the idea of nightlife in Pune has evolved, and Puneries are finding new ways to make their nights more exciting and worth enjoying. Head over to any of these places listed above, and you will indeed have a night to remember for a lifetime.

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